Cucumber raitha is the best option recipe for summer. As it cools down the body it is very good for health.
Cucumber ᅡᅠᅡᅠ-ᅡᅠ1
Curd ᅡᅠᅡᅠᅡᅠ-ᅡᅠ500 Grams
Jeera powderᅡᅠᅡᅠ-ᅡᅠ1 Tea Spoon
Red chilli powderᅡᅠ-ᅡᅠ1 Tea Spoon
Salt ᅡᅠᅡᅠᅡᅠ-ᅡᅠto taste
Coriander leavesᅡᅠ-ᅡᅠfew

1.ᅡᅠWash the cucumber and cut in to fine pieces and keep aside
2.ᅡᅠTake a bowl and place the curd in it and beat till smooth
3.ᅡᅠAdd chopped cucumber to the beated curd and mix well.
4.ᅡᅠAdd salt, red chilli powderᅡᅠ and cumin seeds powder to the raitha and mix well
5.ᅡᅠGarnish with coriander leaves
6.ᅡᅠRefrigerate until serving
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