fish curry roti1

Fish curry tip:
1.Fish should be cleaned well and cut into big pieces for Curry.
2.Care should be taken not to stir the curry often while cooking to avoid breaking of the pieces.
3.Fish curry tastes better if cooked atleast a minimum of eight hours in advance of serving.

Wheat flour-1cup
Red chilli-5
Plantain leaf-1
Turmeric powder-1/4tsp
Salt to taste
Oil-as needed

1.Grind red chilli, turmeric powder, salt to a paste.
2.Smear the paste over fish, roll in plantain leaf, steam and set aside.
3.Crumble the fish, mix with wheat flour and knead to a dough, adding water if necessary.
4.Heat oil in a flat frying pan.
5.Take small portion of dough, roll into a circle, fry and and set aside.  

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