Malai Burfi


Are you missing Indian Malai Burfi ! I know it is one mouthwatering sweet. So let’s see how to make Malai Burfi Quick and eazy way and still get the exact same taste like how we get in India.

1 lb. whole milk ricotta cheese
6 tbsps. unsalted butter
2/3 cup sugar
1 cup powdered milk
1/2 tsp powdered cardamom

1) In a heavy bottomed skillet, preferably nonstick melt butter and ADD Ricotta Cheese.
2) Once Cheese get Melted and Blended with Butter then ADD Sugar and stir until mixed well then ADD Add Powdered Milk continue to stir until thick and leaves the sides of the pan then cardamom Mix well and spread in a buttered 8×8 square pan. Let cool.
Cut into required size and shape you can also make small ball shape and serve in mini cupcake holders and Garnish with some pistachios.
Note: If you want hard consistence then cook for long time or for soft it will take only 15 min for entire preparation.
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