masala puri

Masala puri is tasty and spicy breakfast. A spicy mixture is added to the whole wheat flour to make dough. It creates a great change in the taste and color than regular puri dough. INGREDIENTS: Whole wheat flour – 2 cups Salt – ¼ Tea Spoon Coriander powder – 1 Tea Spoon Cumin powder – 1 Tea Spoon Red chilli powder – ½ Tea Spoon Aijwain (vaamu in telugu) informacion cialis espanol – ¼ Tea Spoon Oil – for deep fry PROCESS: 1. Mix all the spice viagra-vs-cialis-best powders along with salt and Aijwain with two Tea Spoon of oil 2. Add water slowly and form a tight dough. Keep aside for half an hour. 3. Make lemon sized balls. 4. Meanwhile heat oil in a Kadai. 5. Roll each ball in to round circles. 6. Put them carefully in the hot oil for 2 seconds. When it puffs up turn on to the other side. 7. Take out định tnh sildenafil the puri and drain well. Serve hot with curry. The

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Aijwain helps you in digestion and it add extra taste to the tiffin   nhl hockey jerseys 

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