pudina karam

Pudina karam is one of the most outstanding powder recipes in India. It tastes well and it is also good for health. Let us try this recipe now and enjoy the spicy and yummy taste of it


Pudina    – 1 bunch
Red chili powder  – 1tbsp
Salt   – to taste
garlic flakes  – 5-6

Black gram dal   – ½ Tea Spoon
Cumin seeds   – ½ Tea Spoon
mustard seeds  – ½ Tea Spoon
oil   – 1 Tea Spoon


1. Remove  pudina leaves from the stem  and clean
2. Dry roast the Pudina leaves till they become dry
3. Grind the roasted Pudina leaves in to powder by adding garlic, red chilli powder and salt
4. Take a pan and heat oil in it. When the oil gets heated add seasoning to that and saute
5. When the seasoning starts splutter, turn off the flame and  add that seasoning to the Pudina powder
6. Serve the tasty Pudina powder with steamed rice and ghee.


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