Raw Jack Fruit Kofta


Raw Jack fruit Kofta is a famous curry in North part of INDIA as the preparation time is more so we can always prepare the kofta a head and froze and utilize any time and with any kind of gravy. And these kofta can also be served as appetizer without adding them to any grave.




For the kofta – (makes 12-15 koftas)

Diced raw jackfruit – 11/2 cup (available in frozen section)

Chana dal (split chickpea) – ΒΌ cup

Potato – 1 medium

Cashew nuts – 10 pieces

Onion – 1 big

Ginger-garlic paste – 11/2 tsp

Green chilies – 2


Oil – 1 tbsp. + for deep frying



1). Soak the chana dal for 30-60 minutes. Then boil it with the potato and tender jackfruit pieces till its cooked through and mash-able. Do not overcook the jackfruit as it will be mushy and tasteless. Drain the water and mash everything together. Do it still the vegetables are still warm.

2). finely chop the onion and keep aside.

3). Now heat 1 tbsp. of oil and fry the chopped cashew nuts till golden. Take out and keep aside.

4). In the same oil, add the chopped green chilies, once they start to splutter add and fry the chopped onions till golden, add the ginger garlic paste and fry till the raw smell is gone and oil separates, mix salt, chili powder and mashed vegetables. Keep on cooking on low flame till all the extra water dries up. Approx. 8-10 minutes.

5). Now Mix in the chopped nuts. Switch of the flame and let it cool. Then take tablespoon of the vegetable mash and roll through your palms to make tight smooth balls. Repeat till the mash is finished.

6). Heat oil for deep frying and fry the koftas 4-5 at a time till golden brown on all sides. Take out and place on absorbing paper.

Now the Kofta’s are ready to be served as an appetizer or let them get cool and froze to use later or add them to any gravy you like. baseball jerseys cheap 

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