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Pulihora is the common dish in almost all South Indian homes. Pulihora finds its place as a main delicacy during all festive occasions and also offered to god as Prasadam in many Hindu temples. We can make Pulihora in different methods with different ingredients. Now let us try Raw Mango Pulihora recipe and enjoy the […]

badam halwa


Almond halwa is a delicious dessert made with almonds, sugar and ghee. It is healthy and tasty dessert and easy to prepare. INGREDIENTS: Almonds A?A?-A?1 cup Sugar A?A?A?-A?2 A? cups GheeA?A?A?-A?1 cup Kesari powder A?A?-A?a pinch PROCESS: 1.A?Soak 1cup of almonds in boiling water the previous night 2.A?The next morning peel off the skin of […]

beetroot kheer


Beetroot is good for health. It contains soluble fiber which helps you to reduce high blood cholesterol levels. It is the good food even for the children who dona??????t like to eat beetroot as a curry. Let us try this now and enjoy the excellent taste of it. INGREDIENTS: Beetroot – 1 medium Milk – […]



Badusha is a famous sweet in India. It is made mostly during Diwali time. It has layered texture and is coated with sugar syrup. Let us try this sweet at home and enjoy the excellent taste of it. INGREDIENTS: Maida??????- ???? cup Baking powder ????-???? Tea Spoon ?? Ghee ??????-??2 Tea Spoon Curd ??????-??3 cups […]



Pakam garelu are deep fried crisp vadas sweetened with Jaggery syrup. It is a traditional sweet recipe which we usually prepare in festive time. INGREDIENTS: Black gram dal????-??1 cup Salt ??????-??to taste Oil ??????-??for deep fry Grated Jaggery????-??1 cup PROCESS: 1.??Soak black gram in water for 3 hours 2.??Grind the dal in to tight batter […]

ugadi pachadi


Ugadi (The Telugu New Year Day) is a special festival for Telugu people. It is the first festival of or Telugu calendar. This Ugadi comes in spring season which is considered as the first season of the year.?? On this auspicious day every one prepares Ugadi Pachadi as the special item in every Telugu home. […]

dry fruit kheer


Kheer is one of the most popular desserts in India. There are so many varieties of kheers are there but dry fruit kheer is considered as special item. The dry fruit kheer is generally served chilled. Let us try an easy recipe of it. INGREDIENTS: Almonds??-??10 pieces (Separately soaked) Cashews??-??10 pieces (Separately soaked) Gasagasalu??-??1 Table […]

bread halwa


Bread halwa is a nutritious low fat dessert. Whenever there is a left over bread at home we can prepare bread halwa. It is simple to make and is a very delicious sweet item to taste. When un expected guests arrives to your home you can prepare this with in less time when compared to […]



Jalebi is the hot favorite on any special occasion like birthday, wedding, festivals etc.., jalebis can be made thin and crispy or thick and juicy. INGREDIENTS: Maida – 2 cups Baking powder – ?? Tea Spoon Ghee – for frying Sugar – 2 cups Saffron – a pinch Cardamom powder – 1 Tea Spoon PROCESS: […]



Coconut burfi is very popular homemade Indian sweet which is easy to prepare. It is very delicious in taste and very healthy too. INGREDIENTS: Finely grated coconut????-??1 glass ??Sugar ????????-??1glass Elachi powder ??????-??1 Tea Spoon PROCESS: 1.??Take a vessel and pour sugar in it. 2.??Add a little quantity of water to it. 3.??Keep the vessel […]

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