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Banana Bread

Original recipe makes 1 loaf INGREDIENTS: 2 cups all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking soda 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup butter 3/4 cup brown sugar 2 eggs, beaten 2 1/3 cups mashed overripe using cialis and viagra together – free cialis sample – – – women viagra bananas 1/2 cup Pecans/semi-chocolate chips (optional) […]



Mint/Pudina roti is such a healthy dish with a wonderful aroma. Mint viagra vs cialis is very well known for it is health benefits. It is useful in home remedies to treat the digestive problems and related stomach pain. viagra prescription urgent care INGREDIENTS: Wheat flour – 1 1/2 cups Maida – 3/4 cup Mint […]



Phulka or pulka is another commonly made, easy to make Indian flat bread roti. It is a favorite of those watching their fat intake as there is no oil added as in chapatti. It is a no fat, low calorie version of chapati. It should be eaten hot. INGREDIENTS: Whole wheat flour Ai??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??-Ai??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??1 cup Water […]

roomali roti


Rumali Roti is thin bread and it is from paraplegia viagra the northern part of India and Pakistan and a traditional element in Mughlai cuisine. The word rumal means handkerchief in Urdu and Hindi, and the name rumali roti viagra over the counter means handkerchief bread. Let us try this roti recipe at home INGREDIENTS: […]

chicken  buns 1

Chicken Stuffed Buns

chicken stuffed buns quite some time ago but re-discovered it recently and got down to baking them over the weekend. These stuffed buns are perfect homemade snacks for kids. Prep time:90mins Cook time:10mins Main Ingredients:Chicken All purpose Flour INGREDIENTS: Active dry yeast-1tbsp Warm water-2tbsp Vegetable oil-1/2cup Milk-1/2cup Maida-2 1/4cup Egg-1{betan} Sugar-2tbsp Egg white-1 White sesam […]

green peas paratas


Green peas paratas are the healthy and mouth watering paratas which gives best taste with any raitha. Let us try this green peas parata recipe at home and enjoy the taste of it. INGREDIENTS: For the stuffing: Boiled green peas – 2 cups Green chillies – 5 (finely chopped) Cumin seeds – 1 Tea Spoon […]



Cauliflower paratha which is also known as Gobi paratha is an excellent moth watering Punjabi cuisine in which we use Cauliflower prix du cialis 5mg en pharmacie as our main ingredient to make rotis. For this recipe there is no need to have another curry as a side dish. Let us try this and enjoy […]



Sago roti is a recipe in which we use sago (Saggubiyyam) as a main ingredient. It tastes crispy and yummy. Let us try this and enjoy the taste of it INGREDIENTS: 1.A�SagoA�A�A�-A�3/4 Cup 2.A�Rice Flour A�A�-A�5 a�� 7 Table Spoons 3.A�Onion A�A�-A�1 Small 4.A�Green ChilesA�-A�1 a�� 2 5.A�Coriander leavesA�-A� Few Sprigs 6.A�Cumin Seeds A�-A�A? Tea […]



Chapatti is the staple food of India. To make this chapatti more spicy and tasty let us try this spicy chapatti recipe. You can do this with left over chapattis also. INGREDIENTS: Wheat flourA￯﾿ᄑA￯﾿ᄑ-A￯﾿ᄑ1 cup Salt A￯﾿ᄑA￯﾿ᄑA￯﾿ᄑ-A￯﾿ᄑto taste Red chilli powderA￯﾿ᄑ-A￯﾿ᄑ1 Tea Spoon Chat masala A￯﾿ᄑA￯﾿ᄑ-A￯﾿ᄑA? Tea Spoon Oil A￯﾿ᄑA￯﾿ᄑA￯﾿ᄑ-A￯﾿ᄑto fry PROCESS: 1.A￯﾿ᄑMix oil, salt, […]

potato rotis

POTATO ROTIS/Aloo Roti/Aloo Stuffed Roti

Potato Roti is a variety type of Roti which is very tasty roti item in which potatoes are treated as the main ingredient. Let us try this variety item and enjoy the taste of it. INGREDIENTS: Big potatoes – 3 Rice flour – 2 cups Chopped green chillis – 2 Chopped curry leaves Need in, […]

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