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Treasure sprouted

Sprouts are a healthy and energetic food item. It is good food for breakfast. Let us see how to prepare a dish with sprouts. Ingredients 500 grams curd ½ cup grams (chana) sprouted ½ cup green pulse sprouted ½ cup moth sprouted ¼ cup Kabuli gram sprouted 1 tomato medium sized 1 onion medium sized […]

King Omelette

Ingredients 4 Eggs 1 large onion (chopped) 10 large mushrooms chopped 2-3 green chillies chopped ¼ cup tomato chopped 2 cubes cheese grated Salt to taste ½ tea spoon black pepper powder 4 rings of tomatoes dressed 2 ½ tablespoons butter Preparation Melt ½ tsp. of butter and fry onion till brownish. Add tomatoes and […]


Noodles Omelette

Ingredients 4 Eggs 1 onion (finely chopped) 1/2 cup noodles boiled 1 table spoon green coriander finely chopped 2 table spoon cheeses grated 1 tea spoon green green chillies finely chopped 2 table spoons butter or Oil Salt to taste 1/2 Tea spoon black pepper powder Preparation 1. Break eggs and beat till puffy. Mix […]


Omelette packet with paneer

Ingredients 2 eggs 1 medium size onion (finely chopped) 2 green chillies (finely chopped) 1 table spoon green coriander finely chopped 3/4 tea spoon black pepper 2 table spoon milk 250 grams fresh paneer 2 cheese slices 2 table spoon butter Salt to taste Preparation 1. Cut paneer to the size of cheese slices 2. […]

mixed vegetable oats dosa


Famous south Indian cuisine dosa but with little variation, to make it nutritious and healthy I have used oats and mixed vegetables. INGREDIENTS: Oats — 2 cups rice flour – 1/4 cup roasted semolina – 2 Table Spoon wheat – 2 Table Spoon Grated onion – 1 cup Grated Carrot – 1/2cup Garlic-ginger paste – […]

biscuit roti


Biscuit roti is an excellent and an innovative roti or puri recipe. The combination of maida and semolina gives a variety taste. Let us try this variety roti recipe at home and enjoyai??i??i??i??i??i?? INGREDIENTS: Maida Ai??i??i??Ai??i??i??Ai??i??i??-Ai??i??i??4 cups Semolina Ai??i??i??Ai??i??i??-Ai??i??i??1 cup Fresh coconutAi??i??i??-Ai??i??i??4 Table Spoon (grated) Green chillies Ai??i??i??-Ai??i??i??4 Red chilli powderAi??i??i??-Ai??i??i??1 Tea Spoon Mustard seedsAi??i??i??-Ai??i??i??1 […]

kanchipuram idlies


Kanchipuram Idly is a special recipe of Kanchipuram, which is a holy city in TamilNadu. This mildly spiced rice cakes tastes delicious with rich aroma. It is very good for health and makes a filling breakfast or dinner. INGREDIENTS: Raw riceAi??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i?? -Ai??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i?? 1 Cup Idly Rice Ai??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i?? – Ai??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i?? 1 Cup Black gram dal Ai??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i?? […]


Omelette Rolls

It is a easy recipe to make and it is very good for breakfast. Ingredients 4 eggs beaten ¼ cup onion chopped ¼ cup capsicum chopped ¼ cup paneer grated ¼ cup milk maid 2 potatoes boiled 1 table spoon each red and green chillies chopped ¾ table spoon black pepper powder Oil in sufficient […]



Utappam is very delicious south Indian recipe. We can prepare many varieties of utappams. Today let us try Cashew Uttapam which gives excellent taste. INGREDIENTS: Rice – 2 cup Split black gram – 1 cup Onion – 2 Tomato – 2 Green chili – 2 Ginger – a piece Coriander leaves – 1 Tea Spoon […]

green peas paratas


Green peas paratas are the healthy and mouth watering paratas which gives best taste with any raitha. Let us try this green peas parata recipe at home and enjoy the taste of it. INGREDIENTS: For the stuffing: Boiled green peas – 2 cups Green chillies – 5 (finely chopped) Cumin seeds – 1 Tea Spoon […]

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