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Thai Fish Balls2

Tasty Thai Fish Balls

Fish Ball is a very testy and easy to prepare. Kids will like it as it is easy to eat and also healthy too. INGREDIENTS: Fish fillets-250 gms Red Thai Curry Paste-1tsp Fish sauce-1/2tbsp Oil-4tbsp Coriander leaves-1/2tbsp{chopped} Salt to taste PROCESS: 1. Cut the fish fillets into small chunks. 2. Make the paste of fillets by […]

fish fillets1

Spiced Chinese Fish Fillet

Fish plays a large role in Chinese festive celebrations.On New Year’s Eve it is customary to serve fish for dinner,symbolizing a wish for abundance in the coming year.I prepared an Indo-Chinese fish recipe,’Spiced Chinese Fish Fillet’ which is not only easy to prepare but also tastes great. INGREDIENTS: Fish fillets-6 Chinese spice powder-1tsp{ equal parts […]

chicken  buns 1

Chicken Stuffed Buns

chicken stuffed buns quite some time ago but re-discovered it recently and got down to baking them over the weekend. These stuffed buns are perfect homemade snacks for kids. Prep time:90mins Cook time:10mins Main Ingredients:Chicken All purpose Flour INGREDIENTS: Active dry yeast-1tbsp Warm water-2tbsp Vegetable oil-1/2cup Milk-1/2cup Maida-2 1/4cup Egg-1{betan} Sugar-2tbsp Egg white-1 White sesam […]

mutton 11


Dabba ghost curry is very taste and delicious dish. It gives mouth watering flavour.Let us try this. Category:Bohri,Lamb,Mutton,Microwave recipe. Time Taken:20-30mins INGREDIENTS: boneless chicken-500gms potatoes-100gms{chopped} eggs-2 raw papaya-1 garlic-5gms{ground} turmeric powder-1tsp green chilli-5gms{ground} garam masala-5gms{ground} red chilli powder-2tsp coriander powder-2tsp tomatoes-100gms{sliced} gelatione paper-1sheet vineger-10ml oil-100gms PROCESS: 1. Extract milk from raw papaya. 2. Marinate the […]

fish curry roti1


Fish curry tip: 1.Fish should be cleaned well and cut into big pieces for Curry. 2.Care should be taken not to stir the curry often while cooking to avoid breaking of the pieces. 3.Fish curry tastes better if cooked atleast a minimum of eight hours in advance of serving. INGREDIENTS: Wheat flour-1cup Fis-1/4kilo Red chilli-5 […]



A meatball is about as unassuming as food can get, but when done well, it packs more flavor and more soul per square inch than anything that humble has a right to. People love meatballs. It’s a fact of life. If you’ve got a great meatball in your repertoire, you have the means to make […]



Chilly chicken roll is a delicious recipe and easy to make. INGREDIENTS:Cooked chicken – 1 cup Onion(chopped) – 1 no Tomato(small) (chopped) – 1 no Ginger-garlic paste – 1 tsp Garam masala – 1 tsp Tortillas or left over chapathis – A few Eggs – 2 nos Salt – As reqd Chilly powder – As […]


King Crab Wrap Sandwich

King crab Meat-1lb flor Tortillas,Warmed-4{12-14inches} Mayonnaise-1/2cup fresh Dill 1 1/2tsp{chopped} Bacon cooked-4slices Tomato diced-1cup Cheese-4oz{ripe diced} Process: 1.Mix the dill and mayonnaise together in a bowl. 2.Place king crab meat and brie together in a sauté pan. 3.warm over medium heat. 4.Until cheese starts to melt. 5.Lay out the warm tortillas and spread 1 oz […]



Tasty chicken salad sandwiches are my favorite ones. It can be served as a snack or for lunch. You will enjoy it. INGREDIENTS: Chicken chopped & cooked :11/2cup onions finely chopped :3 tbsp celery finely chopped :1/4 cup Egg {hard boiled}chopped :1no dill pick;le relish :1 tbsp mayonnaise,or as needed to moisture 1/3 cup salt […]

palak pakodi


Spinach or Palak has high nutritional value. They are a rich source of Iron and Calcium in them. We can make so many varieties with this spinach. Here we can learn the pakodis recipe with the spinach. Palak pakodi is an easy and This s bothered layer This timely leave about stores made, either not […]

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