Sago roti is a recipe in which we use sago (Saggubiyyam) as a main ingredient. It tastes crispy and yummy. Let us try this and enjoy the taste of it

1. Sago   – 3/4 Cup
2. Rice Flour   – 5 – 7 Table Spoons
3. Onion   – 1 Small
4. Green Chiles – 1 – 2
5. Coriander leaves –  Few Sprigs
6. Cumin Seeds  – ½ Tea Spoon
7. Salt    – to Taste
8. Oil    – 1 tsp

1. Wash sago with fresh water and soak in enough water for around 2 hours.
2. Check the sago by pressing between fingers and it shouldn’t feel hard.
3. Drain the sago and keep aside.
4. Finely chop the onion.
5. Wash and finely chop the green chilies and coriander leaves
6. Take a mixing bowl; mix together soaked sago, rice flour, green chilies, coriander leaves, cumin seeds and salt with sufficient amount of water if required.
7. Knead the mixture into soft dough.
8. Divide the dough into two portions.
9. Heat a pan or flat pan on medium low heat.
10. Apply quarter tsp of oil and place a portion of sago rice flour mixture on the pan.
11. Carefully spread the mixture with wet fingers into somewhat thick roti.
12. Pour few drops of oil around the sago roti.
13. Cook covered on low flame for around 5 minutes and remove the lid.
14. Simmer and let the sago rice flour roti crisp up for few minutes on both sides.
15. Remove the sago roti onto a plate and repeat the same procedure with remaining portion of the mixture.
16. Serve sago roti with any pickle of your choice.


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