Water melon juice is an excellent item particularly in summer season. It cools our body and gives instant strength. Let us try this at home and enjoy the taste of it. INGREDIENTS: water melon – 1 Rose water syrup – 1 bottle

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Crushed Ice water – 2 glasses PROCESS: 1. Cut the melon in to half and deseed as much as you can 2. Take a knife and just make incisions and criss cross cutsand

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scoop out the pulp in to a large vessel 3. Press the remaining white of the thick skin and you will be surprised at how much water you can squeeze out from the Melon itself. 4. Add about a glass full of the Rose syrup ….. (Depends on how much sweetness you require 5. Mix the Melon , Syrup , water and crushed Ice well . Mash the water Melon as much as u can leave the rest as cubes …… 6. Take in to serving glasses and enjoy the taste of it. 

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